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Guyana’s Opposition Leader wants power sharing but not with suspected criminals…

Last Updated on Friday, 7 November 2014, 21:12 by GxMedia

Opposition Leader, David Granger

Guyana’s Opposition Leader, David Granger says he is still in favour of power-sharing, although he will advocate the prosecution of certain persons from the incumbent party.

Granger’s A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) hopes to win the plurality or majority of the votes in general elections expected in some quarters to be held during next January.

Already, President Donald Ramotar has said that if the combined opposition next Monday decides to forge ahead with a no-confidence motion in his administration, he will be either suspend Parliament or dissolve that law-making body and call fresh elections.

The Opposition Leader says that while he wants to see certain persons locked up for alleged crimes they would have committed while in office, the door is still open to the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) to share power.

But why does Mr Granger think the PPP will be part of his administration if he wants certain persons locked up? “There is no prospect of sitting around the table with criminals. If people have done wrong, I will not intrude or interfere with the course of the law but we can invite persons, we can invite parties , people with clean hands to come into the administration… so it’s not a matter of bringing in criminals, it’s a matter of bringing in people who are interested in building Guyana,” he said.

There have been numerous accusations that the government tolerates corruption, but no high-ranking government has been charged and prosecuted.

For its part, the PPP has argued that power-sharing is only possible if there is trust among the political parties.