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Teen shot in mouth refuses policeman’s $ettlement

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

The 15-year old boy, who was shot in his mouth by a policeman, refused private compensation on Tuesday and insisted the lawman be charged.

Alex Griffith was discharged from hospital at noon Tuesday, six days after a Cadet Officer put a gun in his mouth and discharged a round during an interrogation into an alleged robbery at East La Penitence.

“ I would like the police to get jail.. He shoot me in my mouth,” said Griffith who was still complaining of pains in his neck.

Griffith accused the policemen of stamping him on his head, taking him in a van and then played Russian Roulette. “When they came out (of yard), the Indian police put me to lie down, take the gun, take out all the bullets, put in back one, spin it, ain the gun at my mouth and tell me biy you suyre you don’t know who is rob that girl?’

He pull the trigger, the gun go ‘crix’ one time then he shoot again and the gun go off, taste one set of gunpowder in my mouth, ears all start ringing, ringing… then they picke me up and put me in a van and they drive me to the hospital and they go away and left me at the hospital,” he said.

Chief of Criminal Investigations, Senior Superintendent Leslie James said the Cadet Officer was no longer under close arrest and was reporting to the Guyana Police Force but “not on active duty.”

“He is just within reach in case he has to be taken to court,” James told Demerara Waves Online News.

Political and Social Activist, Mark Benschop told reiterated that no compensation would be accepted unless provided through a private lawsuit. “No form of compensation will be accepted. Officer Paul’s lawyer or someone claiming to be his lawyer has called and has offered a one million dollar settlement.

“There will be no settlement. What the parent wants. What this youngster wants is for the officer to be charged and jailed and any form of civil action will be done via the court against the police force and a lawsuit against the officer in question,” he said.