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Brazil conducting assessment of GDF Coast Guard’s flagship patrol vessel

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

The Brazilian Naval patrol vessels- ocaina and Grauna- moored at the GDF Coast Guard headquarters.

The Brazilian Navy has deployed two vessels and crew to help train members of the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard and assess the state of the local flagship vessel, GDFS Essequibo, a senior Coast Guard official said on Tuesday.

Members of the Brazilian Naval Task Force Group arrived here on Monday aboard two patrol vessels- Bocaina and Grauna and are due to leave on Thursday for Suriname and French Guiana as part of Operation Caribex-2014.

GDF Coast Guard Commander, Gary Beaton told reporters during a brief visit to the vessels that the training here would include man-over-board drills and damage control to determine the state of the GDFS Essequibo. “Basically, they will give us an assessment on the readiness of the crew and also on the integrity of its machinery,” he said.

Usually, there are six officers and other ranks attached to the GDFS Essequibo.

Asked why the GDF Coast Guard turned to Brazil for an assessment of its British-made main Coast Guard vessel, Beaton explained that a number of the Brazilian vessels were made in Britain and so they have the necessary expertise.

“As part of CARIBEX, it has incorporated that training regimen for the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard,” he said.

Last year, eight members of the GDF were sent to Brazil for training. France is currently building four submarines for Brazil.

The Brazilian Naval Task Force Group is under the command of the Northern Naval Group, originally known as the Amazxon Flotilla, which was founded on April 23, 1974.