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Prison’s vehicle fuel recording system poor

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Senior officers of the Guyana Police Force, Guyana Prison Service and the Ministry of Home Affairs appearing before the Public Accounts Committee

The Director of Prisons, Welton Trotz on Thursday admitted that there is a lax system for the recording of fuel use by that correctional institution and he promised to take corrective measures.

“There has been some lapse by driversd to show the journeys. I would have to take the flak for that,” he said.

Trotz was among several senior members of the prison service, police force and the Ministry of Home Affairs who appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions about discrepancies that had been found by the Auditor General.

PAC Chairman Carl Greenidge and opposition committee member Jaipaul Sharma said the issue was more about the use of the fuel. “It is not the journeys being recorded but the fuekl not being recorded,” said Sharma to which the Auditor General concurred.

The Director of Prisons merely reiterated that “It is a lapse on the part of the drivers and the supervisors.” Trotz explained that the system includes the recoding of fuel slips in a ok as well as at Guyoil.

Government member of the PAC, Bibi Shadick cited the need for at least two persons to be involved in countersigning the acquisition and use of fuel.

Trotz said the log books are now being sent at the end of the year to the Prison Headquarters for inspection by the Auditor General.

There are five major prisons across Guyana including Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Lusignan, Mazaruni and Timehri.