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Pilot dies in crash in Guyana’s jungle

The plane hanging on to trees in Guyana’s jungle

A pilot attached to the domestic airline, Air Services Limited (ASL), died in a plane crash earlier Sunday a few miles from Mahdia, Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Retired Colonel Egbert Field said.

He is Captain Imran Khan

He said the search and rescue team, made up of Special Forces of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF),  were now in recovery mode. He said the body would be taken out to Mahdia and flown to the city early Monday morning.

Sources said his body was found on the ground, even as the light aircraft hung on trees.

Field said GCAA investigators would Monday seek to determine why the plane crashed. He could not comment on unofficial information that the Cessna 206 single-engine plane, bearing registration markings 8R-GFM, was flying at low altitude in hazy conditions and one of its wings might have clipped a mountain.

Experts said the minimum altitude flying in bad weather is 3,500 feet.

The  plane, which was shuttling between Chai-Chai and Mahdia was scheduled to land at Mahdia at 8:47 AM Sunday but it did not. An Emergency Transmitter Locator (ELT) signal was picked up at 9:08 AM, triggering a search and rescue operation.

The Special Forces team arrived at the thickly vegetated and mountainous crash site on foot at about 6 PM Sunday.

  • Stone_Cold

    Condolences to the bereaved family, friends and the employees of ASL.
    RIP Captain Imran Khan.

    When I hear the location Chi-Chi, a pilot that comes to mind is Captain Colin Chan. It was once quoted that if, “Captain Colin Chan cannot find an interior location, that location moved out last night”. Kinds like Captains Azeez Nizamudeen, Gary Peterkin, and Adel Mohamed were yesteryear’s Defensive Dare Devils.

    ….. and yes, I am speaking from a former employee’s prospective. I flew with all those Captains mentioned above.

  • ExPPP_Man

    I flew with him on many flights to the interior. A fellow country man. we grew up same place. Condolences to his family.

  • raj ramsingh

    condolences to the family, friends, ASL and all who cares. these are really tragic events.

  • raj ramsingh

    DM, why is it that you do not post my comments? would love to know

  • Col123

    My condolences to his family…It is such a recurrent tragedy within the weeks..I hope something can be done to mitigate the risks.