Corentyne mason stabbed to death trying to defend brother…suspect in police custody, murder weapon recovered.

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 August 2017, 14:56 by Denis Chabrol

Dead: 19-year-old Vishram Mohabir

What was supposed to be a night of enjoyment quickly turn sour after two brothers were stabbed by a 44-year-old man called “Ivor” in the wee hours of this morning.

One of the brothers reportedly succumbed to his injuries at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital minutes later.

Dead is 19-year-old Vishram Mohabir called ‘Ajai’ of 258 Ramphal St, Williamsburg, Corentyne. His brother, 16-year-old Kunal Singh sustained stab wounds to the right arm and left palm.

Singh, who witnessed the altercation, told Demerara Waves Online News that at around 3 O’clock Sunday morning, they were attending barbecue at the Highest Grade Car Wash and Bar when the suspect, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time, went to him and dealt him several stabs to his hand. He stated that he ran to his brother, who was standing a few feet away, and they returned to the suspect to inquire what was the issue. It was then that the man stabbed Mohabir once to the neck and ran off. He was subsequently apprehended by police officers who were in the area.

When asked if they had any problem with the suspect, Singh replied in the negative noting that they were just “standing having a good time”.

“We and this man nah had no problem. He like he had some talking with we next door neighbor but that is it. We never trouble he or nothing. Is juss suh he come and stab me and me buddy come fah ask he wah he stab me fah and he stab me buddy”.

The injured brothers were both rushed to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where Kunal Singh was treated and sent away and his brother was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.

INJURED: Kunal Singh

Devika Ramjatt, The distraught mother of the dead man relayed that her son was very quiet and would usually help around the house when needed. The woman stated that when she got the news, she immediately rushed to the hospital only to be greeted with the sight of her second son bleeding from the mouth with a gash to his neck.  According to the woman, her son’s final words to her was ‘Ma’ before he drew his last breath.

“All he coulda say was ‘Ma’ and that was it. He was a quiet child, never trouble nobody. Always in he corner”.

Meanwhile, several persons gave a different account of what happened during the incident. Proprietor of the Car Wash disclosed that from reports he received, the victims were drinking at another event and en route to his event, they assaulted the suspect. The man retaliated by injuring the brothers.

A resident, who lives a few blocks away from where the incident occurred, stated that the brothers were taunting the suspect moments before the incident occurred.

The man is expected to be charged soon.

Investigations are continuing.