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OPINION: Even good news means nothing, only election news does

By GHK Lall Guyanese have neither time nor interest for any news, other than elections news. Good news, encouraging news, is wasted on us. Place it before them and heads and backs turn away. Even the government has lost focus (and its marbles) in the hysterias of a most scorching elections season. Good news, promising news, gets swallowed up, trampled ...

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Guyana flags reduced oil profits under ExxonMobil deal; preparations needed for price shocks IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has pointed to lingering uncertainty about how much profit oil Guyana will actually rake in, even as that global financial watchdog says it is ready to help the country prepare for oil price shocks. Preliminary findings of a 2019 Article IV official visit show that Guyana is well on its way to achieving 4.4 percent ...

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