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OPINION: The new leader hitting the right tones from the get-go

By GHK Lall For those Guyanese who were searching long and hard for a satisfying Christmas gift, they just got one.  It is a strange one, indeed, as gifts are concerned, but one which should have lasting meaning and still greater benefits, if what was said comes to pass, as in delivered for a sustained period. “We will confront them.”  ...

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OPINION: PNC Congress is here -how will it be, where will it lead?

by GHK Lall The People’s National Congress (PNC) gathering is almost here.  Because this Congress is so crucial, matters come down to one bus stop on Saturday: where will this fateful Congress lead?  Because the PNC means so much to many Guyanese, it is not merely a party affair, but a national matter of interest and consequence.  And because of ...

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OPINION: Aubrey Norton must be even more vigilant now, bring on his best game; it is his testing hour

by GHK Lall My earlier position that Mr. Aubrey Norton is in front in the, sometimes, tense PNC leadership horserace is now confirmed.  Things will only get tenser and more testing for him from here.  December 11th could be both a long road to travel and a high mountain to scale.  Before proceeding I make clear (again) my position, I ...

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OPINION: Amendments to the Representation of the People Act, the good, the bad, and the ugly

by GHK Lall The proposed draft amendments to the Representation of the People Act, all six thousand, five hundred and more words, have strong pluses, some glaring minuses.  The priorities rightly target fraud and attempts at fraud, but only partially and selectively, I believe.  I think that some areas that were left untouched open the door for more disputes, and ...

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OPINION: The problems of prosperity

by Abu Bakr It is with great concern that I read  some days ago that VP Jagdeo has been considering the need for immigration to satisfy our employment deficit as oil money flows in to finance infrastructure and other work. It is a conditionto which I have been giving thought. We have a small population and our situation is similar ...

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OPINION: The Power of Civilian Oversight

by Clement Rohee When I assumed portfolio responsibility for the Ministry of Home Affairs I was introduced to Doreen De Cairies who, at the time, was chairwoman of the Fire Advisory Board. My perusal of the minutes of meetings of the Board chaired by Doreen showed how intensely persistent she was in addressing the shortcomings of the Guyana Fire Service ...

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OPINION: Guyana’s two-headed presidency -an obvious monstrosity, a real embarrassment

By GHK Lall I knew that problems lurked, a national embarrassment waited.  This was the result of the slick work of a political cardsharp that dumped a leadership arrangement on Guyana, which is now this aberration of a two-headed presidency.  Every time it raises its head, Guyana is made weaker, looks lost, and appears as a bigger global laughingstock. This ...

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OPINION: I agree with Mr. Roysdale Forde: race-based politics must be purged, and not only by the PNC

By GHK Lall As part of my continuing political watch in this country, I noted with interest an utterance by a rising light in Guyanese political circles.  Prominent attorney, Roysdale Forde, expounded that the PNC must cease to be a race-based party (Demerara Waves, October 22).  This is where I stand. Race-based politics dominate both of our major political parties, ...

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