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OPINION: Live in Guyana -Irfaan Ali style democracy

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 September 2023, 8:33 by Denis Chabrol

by GHK Lall

No government that claims to be about democracy’s ideals ever degrades to Gestapo-like tactics, coddles stormtroopers. 

Live in Guyana is a shadowy online group in Guyana that operates openly and with impunity.  This group is unleashed to malign Guyanese who roll back the veils camouflaging PPP Government practices, and agitate its top brass.  The obscene is used to frighten ‘problem’ Guyanese.  Though the PPP has not claimed ownership of Live in Guyana, it is widely believed to be PPP Government affiliated.  In fact, many Guyanese believe that the PPP leadership instigates its actions, approves its dirty work.

I hang this Live in Guyana group from the banisters, and all who are secretly involved, support endorse its crimes.  The world must see it, pronounce upon its vile output, its sleazy intellectual authors.  As Goethe said, “He only earns his freedom and his life who takes them every day by storm.”  I put everyone on notice.

We are led to believe that President Ali, VP Jagdeo, Prime Minister Phillips, AG Nandlall, Home Affairs Minister Benn, acting Police Commissioner Benn, and Crime Chief Blanhum are all clueless about the crimes of Live in Guyana.  It is an entity that reportedly has a presence in the cabinet, a very senior public servant, and a veteran media presence in the gang, but government is unconscious, so its crimes grow cold.  But the PPP Government is thunderously silent about the operations of this group.  Most probably, this hideous group is funded by taxpayers, and definitely operates in one of the highest government offices in Guyana, but President, Vice President, and Prime Minister don’t know, perhaps pretend ignorance, seemingly struggle for separation.  It’s all futile, part of the dirty game.

Recently, when VP Jagdeo was agitated during his press conferences by two ladies from the press, and my own media contributions, within hours the spurious and scurrilous were posted online by Live in Guyana.  Guyanese should decide whether sly leadership signal, or confident interpretation of call to action.  Further, when VP Jagdeo was later pressed about the Live in Guyana post, his response was the lip service of no tolerance.  Interestingly, shortly after the offending post was removed.  The correlations weigh heavily.  This national abomination fools no one.  Citizens must decide if the PPP Government and leadership incite, then protect, a criminal group.  Citizens must decide if my brother, Hon. Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo is concerned or aware of the content of Live in Guyana. If he is not, I now inform him. 

If not, how does Live in Guyana stand as a government by itself, and commits crimes at will through smearing and intimidating citizens?  Those targeted have a record of speaking or writing about what exposes the PPP Government; or asking tough questions of Government’s leaders.  President Ali and PPP Government agents speak profusely about democracy, transparency, and accountability, but Live in Guyana defecates on such pretenses.

Excellency Ali, Live in Guyana is Guyana’s Ministry of Disinformation, Ministry of Culture (sorry Charley), and Ministry of Vice.  Vice President Jagdeo, Live in Guyana can be all yours: have it and live with it.  It has gone so far that even PPP loyalists recoil in horror and shame.  Sometimes, the slicker we are, brother Jagdeo, the more we giveaway ourselves.  Prime Minister Phillips, Live in Guyana is/was under the roof of Office of the Prime Minister.  C’mon General Phillips, no knowledge, Sir?  Dr. Nandlall (Mr. Reform), how about reform for this deformity, comrade?  I have news for these powerful brethren of mine.

The postings of Live in Guyana are being compiled and are to be sent to the Ambassadors here; selected US Congresspeople; and selected US media houses.  This is democracy Irfaan Ali-style in Guyana.  I am sure that His Excellency will give me a medal for my troubles.  Live in Guyana, Excellency Ali, is the transparency of which is boasted.  Nothing is sent to Facebook or such because the objective is to aid this Gestapo group to self-destruct, and expose all the political powers sponsoring and inciting it to deliver patented falsehoods and vile concoctions to silence.

Since I am naming names today, I dive deeper.  The pornographers at Live in Guyana push to stain my record, reputation, and character with references to the Guyana Gold Board.  I assist.  Three Guyanese of standing are invited to share publicly the entirety of their relationship with me.  Messrs. Nazar “Shell” Mohamed, Tamesh Jagmohan, and Andron Alphonso should publicize whether I have ever asked anything of them, or they have ever given anything to me.  The exact same invitation is extended to every worker, every miner, every contractor, every vendor, every person, or any entity that has had a relationship with that State entity during my tenure.

Now, I sum up all of this up.  I strongly believe that President Ali, VP Jagdeo, PM Phillips, AG Nandlall, Minister Benn, acting CoP Hicken, and Crime Chief Blanhum all should know more than enough. Will they do nothing about the crimes of Live in Guyana?  If not, it is empowered to unload any bizarreness and unscrupulousness on dissenting citizens.  If leaders are lawfully oriented, then why does the group function with such immunity.  Obviously, it has its uses….

Considering the totality of PPP Government’s power, no such group would remain in existence, regardless of origins, sponsorship.  So, it mangles and murders the record of deviant Guyanese.  The road from character assassination to murder of people is short.  To President Ali, VP Jagdeo, as well as those behind the curtain of Live in Guyana operations, everybody knows who protects this diabolical online group.  The PPP Government has settled for the cesspit and feces.  I try the heights.

I leave with this question: why are PPP leaders so fearful, furious, and nervous about thoughts, questions, writings related to governance, oil, and corruption in their ranks, practices?  When its record cannot stand, then its people openly resort to the criminal.  I’m GHK Lall, here I stand.

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