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Torginol the official paint of International Building Expo 2022 prepares to display new products, techniques

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The 60-year-old Torginol Paints Inc is poised to display several new products and techniques at the upcoming International Building Expo slated for July 22-24 for which it is the official paint.

“This year, we will be showcasing our new developments, which have been part of our Research and Development, and we will be showing new technologies and new developments in the coating industry, which will be on display,” Torginol’s Manager for Paint Solutions Suman Sugadhan, was quoted as saying in a company statement.

Torginol Paints Inc., ‘Pioneers of the Paint Industry’, has been operating in Guyana for over 60 years, and through a strategic alliance with the Ministry of Housing and Water, will be the official paint of the three-day Expo.

Under the theme, ‘A new frontier for building a ‘One Guyana’, the Expo will be held at the parking lot of the National Stadium, Providence, where the Torginol booth will be the hub for the latest innovations and technologies in the paint business.

The company says it is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase its diverse range of paint and paint products and interact with patrons and educate them, especially new home owners, on the best practices when choosing and applying paint. “Torginol plays a very important role in the construction industry, because painting is part of the construction industry,”

He says Torginol is ready to play its role as Guyana’s first choice of paint, as seven out of 10 buildings are painted with Torginol paint.

At the Expo, patrons will experience live and video demonstrations of the paint application process, as well as interact with experts on the best possible solutions for their individual needs.

Additionally, all the model houses currently being constructed for display at the Expo would be painted by Torginol.

“Our prime focus would be to educate the customers on how to paint, what surface preparation technique has to be used and things like that,” Sugadhan added.

He continued: “At the booth we will be having live demonstrations of the latest technologies which are trending now, so customers can have a hands-on experience to see how the technologies can be utilised. We will also be displaying our recently launched products, so it will be a good opportunity for people to experience and see what’s happening and how the products can be applied in the right way.”

Those include new coatings and supplies for the oil and gas industry to be put on exhibition, coming from research and development undertaken in recent years.

The company will also be demonstrating to contractors and home builders, practical methods for the application of its different types of coatings, from surface preparation to finishing.

Chief Operating Officer of Torginol Paints Inc. Fenton Persaud, added, “We are proud to be part of the International Building Expo 2022. What we will be bringing to this Expo is going to be much bigger than what was previously shown by the company.”

Torginol has always been part of the International Building Expo, which started in 2010 under the stewardship of the then Housing and Water Minister and now President, Dr. Irfaan Ali.

“Torginol Paints would like to congratulate His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali and the government for their great vision and robust development in the building sector,” Sugadhan said.

Persaud explained that is important persons are aware that there is a method to be employed to when looking for that excellent finish.

“Surface preparation and climatic condition play an important part in the quality of your finished product, so we intend share that with the general public,” Persaud said.

International Building Expo 2022 will visually map out the country’s promising architectural future, taking patrons on an exciting journey on the modern transformational projects in the pipeline.

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