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Bandits killed, guns recovered in shootout with police

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In the wake of a spate of violent robberies in East Berbice, three suspected bandits were Sunday afternoon shot dead, police said.

Police Commissioner Leslie James confirmed that three men were shot and four guns were recovered during the confrontation.

Sources said those killed include Ramnarine Jagmohan, who was recently released from jail on a murder charge, Kevin Shivgobin who was wanted for a double murder, and Sewchand “One Eye Pappy” Sewlall.

Berbice Divisional Commander, Paul Langevine also confirmed to Demerara Waves Online News that the trio was killed in the Black Bush Polder backdam.

Commissioner James indicated that the killing of the men and recovery of the weapons were as a result of strategising as late as Thursday. “It’s excellent work on the part of the ranks in Berbice. It’s sustained effort and we always had a feeling that we would have gotten lucky because we had our intelligence and understood where these people were operating from,” James told Demerara Waves Online News.

The shootout between the lawmen and the suspects came days after reinforcement, including SWAT team members, was deployed to Berbice where there has been a series of robberies.

In one instance, bandits struck a Chinese supermarket very near to the Albion police station at Albion. When police responded, they came under fire.

The suspects were taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where they were pronounced dead by doctors.

Commander Langevine said an AR15 Rifle was among the four guns that were found in possession of the now dead men. He disputed claims that the police were not acting or responding. “People think the police not working but if residents are not safe, we do not sleep and we have been working behind the scenes gathering intelligence and tracking them all the time waiting for the right moment to strike,” he was quoted as saying by government’s Department of Public Information.

At the scene residents of Black Bush Polder, which for the past few weeks has been the area that bandits target praised the police. Several oif them were reportedly heard shouting “kill them out man that good” and “Good job officer now we can get some good rest”.

Hundreds for residents converged at the scene, by the Johanna Bridge, eagerly awaiting the police exit of the backlands to get a glimpse of the men that have been wreaking havoc in their neigbourhood. Many  blocked the path of the police vehicle hoping to peek into the tray only to realize the bodies were covered. Others followed the vehicle all the way to the Mibicuri Police station where the ranks briefly stopped before heading to the Port Mourant Hospital.

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