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Daily Archives: January 26, 2019

AFC touts free education from oil earnings, wants 12 parliamentary seats again

The Alliance For Change (AFC) executive on Saturday called for oil revenues to fund the reintroduction of free education from nursery to university, and housing. “The party also unanimously approved a motion to unequivocally support free education from nursery to university and facilitate housing for all Guyanese with revenues to be derived from oil,” the party said in a statement. ...

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PPP Irfaan Ali churns out campaign promises to Berbicians

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali, on Saturday announced that some retrenched sugar workers would be compensated and the two East Berbice sugar estates – Skeldon and Rose Hall-Canje – would be reopened. “The first thing we are saying to you is that we are going to reopen the estates here in Region 6 [East Berbice-Corentyne] and ...

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