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Daily Archives: January 27, 2019

BREAKING: School of the Nations principal shot

The Principal of School of the Nations, Brian O’Toole, was shot and injured Sunday night, his wife said. Dr. O’Toole was shot near the front door of his residence located at Bel Air Promenade, Prashad Nagar. His wife confirmed that he is conscious and stable at a city hospital. Unofficial information indicates Dr. O’Toole sustained gunshot wounds to both hands. ...

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Afro-Guyanese urged to own businesses, seek gov’t support

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan on Sunday virtually ruled out the State paying a living minimum wage and urged the predominantly Afro-Guyanese government workforce to grasp opportunities to become entrepreneurs and create wealth. Noting that the minimum wage is now GYD$64,000 up from GYD$39,000 in three years, and the take-home pay is about GYD$55,000, Jordan acknowledged that “it can’t do” and ...

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OPINION: What if the actuality of the presidency? Real possibilities!

By GHK Lall As I pause occasionally to ponder the announcement of that presidential candidate, the first struggle is to overcome the sweeping distaste. Nevertheless, I encourage thoughtful, rational citizens to look beyond their disbelief, beyond the candidate, and beyond cult leader control and ask: what if? What if the improbability of ascendancy to the presidency? What if the actual ...

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