Five “known characters” arrested with guns, fake vehicle number plates

Last Updated on Thursday, 6 September 2018, 18:50 by Denis Chabrol

The items found in the car in which the men were travelling.

Five “known characters” were Thursday morning arrested after two guns,  fake licence number plates and others were found in a bag under the back seat of the vehicle in which they were travelling.
“A search of their persons revealed nothing but of their vehicle, the ranks found hidden under the back seat, a red and black haversack containing the undermentioned items,” the Guyana Police Force said.
Sources said those arrested and expected to be arraigned before a magistrate are Lloyd Marcus, 29, of  13 Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara;  Terrence Frank, 33, 86 Samatta Point,Grove East Bank Demerara; Jason Hunte,28, of 44 Samatta Point, Grove, East Bank Demerara; Mark Mortley, 27, of 42 Samatta Point Grove, East Bank Demerara and 30-year old Michael Vanderstoop of lot lot 96 Grove, East Bank Demerara.
Crediting an “intelligence-led operation” for the bust, the police force said the items were found in a white Toyota Fielder Wagon at Samatta Point, Grove, East Bank Demerara at about 09:30 AM.
The items found are:
–          An unlicensed .45 Colt Pistol with four (4) live rounds
–          An Unlicensed 9MM Ruger Pistol with nine (9) live rounds
–          A pair of ‘paste-on’ number plates
–          A black jersey
–          A knife
–          A camouflage cap
–          A door lock
–          A screwdriver