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Daily Archives: September 22, 2018

OPINION: Failure to agree to arbitration panel embarrasses govt

by GHK Lall I thought that this was going to be troublesome, but does everything in this country have to be this hard, this insoluble? This suspicious? Rise to the level of a life and death Samurai confrontation? I am talking of the quest to identify and agree upon a mutually acceptable arbitration chair in the teachers’ business at hand. From ...

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Only 30 percent of sexually abused children referred for post-trauma counseling ; victims susceptible to long term mental, social problems

ChildLink Inc; a local child rights organisation, says sexual abuse of children is one of the causes of mental illnesses sometimes leading to suicide- problems that could be curbed only if more is invested in rehabilitation programmes. The assessment is contained in the ChildLink Abuse Report titled “Crises In The Dark- Child Sexual Abuse in Guyana Today”. “The recent study ...

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