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Daily Archives: September 9, 2018

Bringing back brewed coffee

A heady, distinctive fragrance drifts invitingly up to Louis Holder’s Liliendaal office. It’s the smell of coffee—but definitely not any ordinary kind. The invigorating smell comes from an exquisite brand of locally-produced ground coffee. Its rich aroma exemplifies its intriguing story, one that interweaves long forgotten history with a man’s love for his country and his determination to succeed. This ...

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Guyana taps into Islamic Development Bank to fund “sustainable and stable” electricity supply project

Guyana is about to drawn down US$20 million from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) to help finance “sustainable and stable supply” of electricity, marking the first time that this country will tap into US$900 million that have been made available by that financial institution, the Finance Ministry said. The Finance Ministry said the US$20 million would be used to by ...

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Venezuelan women arrested at West Berbice nightclub released; club manager still in custody for other offences- police

The manager of a night club at West Coast Berbice has been let off the hook of Trafficking In Persons charges after the six Venezuelans denied they were victims and proved that they were in Guyana legally, police said. However, she is expected to face charges for allegedly assaulting a peace officer and sale of smuggled liquor. Guyana Police Force ...

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