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Daily Archives: July 17, 2018

Possibly “sinister motive” behind reports on drug contract- Volda Lawrence

Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence on Tuesday stopped short of suggesting that attempts are being made to muddy her political waters ahead of her bid to become the Chairperson of her People’s National Congress Reform. “Minister Lawrence will provide further and complete details in the National Assembly on this matter on Thursday, July 19th but takes note of the curious ...

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Look-alike presidential crown on wedding car lands road safety advocate in hot water

The President of the West Demerara Road Safety Association, who used two fake presidential crowns on a car at a wedding, was charged and fined. Peter Katahan, 43,a Rural Sergeant, was granted a total of GY$100,000 bail for five charges. He pleaded not guilty to fraudulent imitation of identification mark,and unregistered ,unlicensed,uncertified and uninsured motor vehicle. The offences were allegedly ...

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Alleged killer of pandit, son remanded

A man was Tuesday arraigned on two counts murder he allegedly committed on a pandit and his son earlier this month. However, his lawyer said he was framed. Orlando Douglas is accused of the murder if Onkar Liliah and Deonarine Liliah between 7th and 10th July, 2018 in the furtherance of a robbery. The stabbed bodies of the Liliahs were ...

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Race for PNCR top brass officially kicks off

Nominations were Tuesday being submitted for top party and central executive positions of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR). Party General Secretary, Amna Ally told reporters that so far Joseph Harmon, Volda Lawrence and Basil Williams were nominated for the post of Chairman, based on submissions Regions 1, 2, 9 and the North American Region. She said so far, no ...

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Mon Repos drugs-in-boat accused remanded to

A 50-year old man, who was charged with being in possession of a large quantity of marijuana and cocaine, was remanded to prison until next month, despite a bail application on the basis of special reasons. Azim Bash of Phase One, Good Hope, East Coast Demerara was charged with being in possession of 91.1 kilogrammes of cocaine and 56 kilogrammes ...

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