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Daily Archives: Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 18:47

BREAKING: Berbice fisherman charged with murder in Suriname piracy attack

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 18:47 by Denis Chabrol A well-known Berbice fisherman, who is already facing two armed robbery charges, was Wednesday arraigned for the murder of a Guyanese fisherman off the coast of Suriname late last month. Guyana’s Anti-Piracy Act allows for persons to be charged and prosecuted for such related offences they are accused of ...

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ExxonMobil tight on cyber security… no USBs, no personal email accounts on company computers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 17:45 by Denis Chabrol ExxonMobil runs a very tight cyber security regime, including a ban on the use of USB ports, to minimise breaches that can potentially lead to an attack on its pipelines and other production facilities, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Darren Woods official said Wednesday. Responding to a question from ...

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Birth registration, secondary education major challenges for Amerindians- UNICEF study

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 16:56 by Denis Chabrol Although Guyana has the single largest number of Indigenous Indians in Latin America and the Caribbean, a recent United Nations-sponsored study has found they are doing poorly in the areas of birth registration and accessing secondary education compared to national averages. Guyana’s indigenous population is about 76,000. The study ...

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Amerindian Lands project nears end 25% complete; will require another 10 years—VP Allicock

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 14:12 by Denis Chabrol Four and a half years into a five year Government Amerindian Land Titling Project, its work programme only 26 per cent completed. The project life comes to an end in October 2018, having stared in 2013 and, according to Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Vice President Sidney Allicock, the ...

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Attorney General Williams questions Chief Justice’s order to activate Judicial Review Act; Nandlall ready for appeal courts

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 13:24 by Denis Chabrol Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams and Attorney-at-Law, Anil Nandlall- the man he took over from in 2015- may soon battle at the Guyana Court of Appeal over whether the High Court enjoys the right to order the Executive to activate the Judicial Review Act. Williams ...

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