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Fire damage Corentyne Water Users Association on elections eve

Last Updated on Friday, 30 March 2018, 18:35 by Denis Chabrol

A fire fighter inspects the office of the Water Users Association at Number 63 Village, Corentyne.

Fire on Friday severely damaged the offices of the Corentyne Water Users Association, one day before that entity was due to elect new office-bearers, senior officials in Region Six-East Berbice/Corentyne-confirmed.

The Prime Minister’s Region Six representative, Gobin Harbhajan reportedly had requested an audit of the Number 52-74 Village Water Users Association.

Smoke was see billowing from the building housing the association at Number 63 Village. Two officials were earlier seen leaving the building.

Saturday’s election was due to be conducted by Coordinator of Water Users Associations.

A number of key documents might have been destroyed in the blaze, but officials were hopeful that they could salvage some data from a computer and other  storage devices that were apparently not affected by the fire.

A pile of fire-damaged documents at the Corentyne Water Users Association at Number 63 Village.

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