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Daily Archives: December 5, 2017

Free school transportation better than GY$10,000 cash grant- govt MPs

Government parliamentarians on Tuesday defended the decision to scrap the GY$10,000 yearly cash grant to parents that had been provided by the then People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)-led administration, and instead said the provision of free school transportation was more valuable. President David Granger, since coming to power in May 2015, has been pushing greater access to educational opportunities by ...

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Govt ministers differ on laying off of sugar workers now

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon and Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder were Tuesday at odds over whether sugar workers should have been told now that they would be laid off at month-end. Harmon said the decision by the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) to send home thousands of workers was not communicated to Cabinet and he was taken by surprise by ...

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Man confesses to stabbing Berbice woman to death- police

A man on Tuesday confessed to killing a woman at Number Four Village, West Coast Berbice and dumping her body in a trench, police said. Berbice Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Lyndon Alves said the man, who usually slept in a hammock at the same address where 22-year old Marissa Fraser lived, told investigators that he stabbed the woman with a ...

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Annual sugar production target further reduced as output slides

Government on Tuesday appeared to further reduce the annual production target of a scaled down Guyana Sugar Corporation. Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder told the National Assembly that government was now targeting sugar production of 145,247 tonnes in 2020. When government last year had tabled its White Paper on the sugar industry, it had set itself a target of 174,000 annually. ...

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Govt rakes up PPPC’s old age pension track record

The Guyana government on Tuesday lashed back at criticisms of its GY$500 monthly old age pension increase by the opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic, saying that the books show that it had provided less than GY$100 per month for several years. Public Telecommunications Minister, Cathy Hughes told the House during debate on the 2018 National Budget that the records lay ...

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