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Daily Archives: August 19, 2016

Police shoots man outside Georgetown Prison

Police say they are investigating the fatal shooting of an unidentified male, by one of its ranks, which occurred about 23:50h. last night outside of the Georgetown Prison on Camp and Durban Streets. Enquiries disclosed that earlier in the night the deceased went to the back of the Prison on John and Durban Streets, behaved disorderly and threw down some ...

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US urged to swiftly help improve Guyana’s democracy, human rights and governance before political, economic conditions change

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been told that it needs to urgently support the improvement of Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) in Guyana before the coalition administration’s priorities change and are overtaken by the next local and general elections and possible economic decline. “Time is of the essence as this window may not be open ...

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Konawaruk bridge to be ready for use next Monday

The Ministry of Natural Resources on Friday said repairs to Konawaruk bridge would be completed by next week Monday, August 22. Junior Minister of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes said she received assurances from MMC Inc. that the major thoroughfare would be also strengthened to cope with the effects of bad weather. “MMC Inc. has further assured the Minister that the bridge will now ...

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GT&T, govt to begin negotiations next month on monopoly status

Negotiations with the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) to end its monopoly on international voice and data are expected to begin next month and conclude by year-end, according to adviser to the Minister of Public Telecommunications, Lance Hinds. Speaking at a public forum, ICT Conversation, held at the National Library earlier this week Hinds, however, virtually ruled out that ...

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Mobile devices possibly taking a toll on mental health- top health official

The widespread use of mobile devices by youths may be depriving youths of opportunities to “offload” their problems in face-to-face communication, making them more vulnerable to suicide, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Karen Boyle said Friday. “The connecting, the communication- I think we are losing that skill and that is what keeps us alive, that’s what keeps us connected and ...

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