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Daily Archives: August 21, 2016

Beaten suspected robber leads police to gun, cellphones

One of the suspects in what appeared to have been a planned robbery at a grocery has led investigators to the discovery of a handgun, police said. “The male accomplice who was taken into police custody, admitted to being in company of the deceased and took investigators to a location at Pearl Village, East Bank Demerara where he handed over ...

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Bandit shot dead by accomplice

A bandit was shot dead  early Sunday morning allegedly by one of his four other accomplices as they fled the East Bank Berbice home of a businessman after beating his daughters and carting off cash and jewellery. Dead is Odan “Stew” / “Sunil” Lallbeharry of New Forest, East Canje, Berbice. Investigators said he was well-known to police. Investigators said that ...

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“Vigilantism” will not be tolerated- Pres. Granger, following recent shooting death, beating of suspects

President David Granger Sunday night said ‘vigilantism’  would not be tolerated, in the wake of the beating of three suspected bandits and the killing of another in two separate incidents in recent days. “We can’t tolerate that. We accept that citizens have a right to protect their property and so on and we expect people to be organised in CPGs ...

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Shears-brandishing robbers nabbed after robbing youths near University of Guyana

Police say they have arrested two suspected shears-wielding robbers shortly after they lashed two youths and snatched their cash and a cellular phone totalling GYD$80,000. Investigators are treating the incident as a case of “robbery with violence” carried out at about 12:30 Sunday morning at University of Guyana Access Road. The victims have been identified as 20-year old Anthony Dharamraj and 18-year ...

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