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Walter Roth Museum to be removed to facilitate Ministry of the Presidency’s occupancy

The Walter Roth Museum, Main Street, Georgetown.

The Walter Roth Museum, Main Street, Georgetown.

The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology will be removed from Main Street, Georgetown to the Guyana National Museum so that the Ministry of the Presidency can occupy that wooden colonial building that is next to State House.

“The Main Street location will now be used by the Ministry of the Presidency.  In recent months two departments have been added to the Ministry.  These departments are the Department of the Environment and the Department of National Events,” the Ministry of the Presidency said in a statement on Friday, August 12, 2016.

According to the Guyana government, the Walter Roth Museum would now be housed  in the western-wing of the Guyana National Museum and “work will be conducted to ensure that both facilities meet international standards.”

Government said the removal of the Walter Roth Museum signals “a major upgrade and change of location.”

The museum is a non-profit institution created by the Government of Guyana to collect, exhibit and conserve artifacts relating to the ancient cultures of Guyana, to conduct anthropological research and disseminate knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of Guyana through its in-house and out-reach programmes.

  • FDG

    Parrot monkey of the party and presidency back in action. I wonder what the building will be used for … A clubhouse / barracks for the presidential guard … Or an office away from the office for the president when he don’t want to go to vlissengen road . Isn’t removing these artifacts and placing them somewhere else an act of discrimination against the First Nation people. Isn’t it saying you are not important to have a building housing your history.

  • Natasha

    I don’t see anything wrong With the merging of the two museums will allow more out of town students to be able to visit one location Guyana Museum. I don’t have a problem with the building being used for the ministry and once they don’t sell out the building and it remains state property go right ahead.