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Roraima Airways certified to maintain aircraft

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 January 2016, 9:19 by Denis Chabrol

Roraima Airways is now certified to maintain aircraft, easing the burden on that domestic carrier of outsourcing its maintenance to another entity and would now be able to provide such a service to other aircraft owners.

“This certificate means that Roraima’s Ogle operations new maintenance department has the capacity and has met the standards and criteria to conduct its own aircraft maintenance and provide the same services to other operators,” the airline said.

The Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) certificate was presented by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority to Roraima Airways on January 13, 2016.

GCAA Director General Chaitrani Heeralall, congratulated Roraima on the achievement which she said, shows growth in the aviation community in Guyana. She further expressed that with this new development the aviation sector has changed for the good and development of Guyana.

During the presentation, Mr. Krishnanand Ramlachana, Airworthiness Inspector attached to the (GCAA), explained that the role of the organization is to provide maintenance to optimal standards. He further stressed the importance of Roraima’s new Maintenance Division to maintain the same level of safety and performance that was demonstrated during the evaluation period to acquire AMO level.

Chief Executive Officer of Roraima Airway’s Inc., Captain Gerry Gouveia, expressed his gratitude to the GCAA for their due diligence in ensuring that Roraima met the standards and requirements. He also reiterated his commitment to the empowering his maintenance personnel to act and conduct their maintenance as is required under the AMO specifications.


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