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Gov’t to give tax incentives – to encourage home builders to use locally produced materials

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 November 2015, 11:36 by GxMedia

Establishing building zones within communities, to allow for comfort and easy access to industries and commercial establishment is to be a major focus, as the administration works towards the realisation of its housing policy, according to te Government Information Agency (GINA).

This is to also ensure that home builders and house lots applicants get value for their money, Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan said.

Addressing the close-out ceremony of the Government of Guyana/Inter-American Development Bank (GOG/IDB) Second Low Income Settlement Programme last week, he stated that focus will also be on ensuring that basic infrastructure, (electricity, roads, water, drainage) are in place, as house lots are issued. In this way, communities will develop in tandem with individual dwellings, he explained.

He said too that as part of making the process easier, Government is working with financial service providers to facilitate affordable loans to home builders. It will also be seeking to give tax incentives to encourage home builders to use locally produced materials.

Government will also standardise building and safety codes, support volunteerism to help those in need of assistance to build homes, and build starter homes across Guyana, for those in need of transitioning from rented homes to home ownership.

The administration’s housing policy is one that aims at providing accessible and affordable housing, in sanitary and safe communities, with the necessities for wholesome and dignified living, for all citizens in need.