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CJIA infrastructural lackings spotlighted as Dynamic looks to expand into export

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 17:42 by GxMedia

Fake awarra stuffed with cocaine at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

While a United States-headquartered airline company is looking to expand its reaches and invest in the local agricultural sector, it may have some tussles to overcome before it can do such.

Dynamic Airways on Tuesday announced that it would be looking to fill a ten-tonne space on its daily flights with local produce and “flood” the New York Market.

Local representative of the company, Gerry Gouveia was very ecstatic about the move but was not so excited about the lack of infrastructure at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

“Dynamic is looking to find a mechanism to flood the New York market with Guyanese fresh produce. Every day there is ten tonnes of cargo space and Dynamic intends to fill that cargo space with fresh fruits and vegetables” said Gouveia.

According to Gouveia, systems should be in place to scan shipments for contraband such as cocaine and marijuana leaving Guyana but this system is not present.

Instead, persons will have to manually-police the good to ensure that they are not contaminated with contraband.

The step is seen as intrinsically important given that Guyanese have proven their ability time and time again to attempt traffic cocaine in ingenious forms.

In the past, drugs were concealed in pepper sauce, star-apples, awara, pumpkin, cabbage, chowmein, ochro, achar, false walls and bottoms of suitcases, shoe soles, wigs among other items.

Cocaine was also inserted in drinking straws that were coloured to appear as noodles.

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