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Ramjattan to turn “bad man” after gun amnesty ends

Last Updated on Sunday, 6 September 2015, 1:32 by GxMedia

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan addressing a community meeting at the Whim Cricket Ground, Corentyne.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Saturday warned people with illegal guns and ammunition to surrender them now or face the full force of the law after the gun amnesty ends on September 30.

“If you people out there know of some friend or family that got some illegal lil piece out there, I want you to beg them, tell them to carry it into the nearest police station because after September month done I intend to be a bad man. We coming down on all who we suspect that got arms and ammunition and if we find them is jail,” he said.

Contrary to claims by the main opposition People’s Progressive Party that the amnesty would fail to take illegal guns off the streets, Ramjattan reiterated that it would go a long way in doing so. “It will be no bail and right to jail.”

He was at the time addressing a community meeting at Whim Cricket Ground held to express thanks to residents of the Corentyne for their support at the May 11, 2015 general and regional elections.down to the jail after the 30th of September.”

Guns are widely used in committing most robberies and during a small number of altercations.

Ramjattan, meanwhile, told the attendees that crime fighting strategies by the Guyana Police Force in Berbice were paying off because latest figures show a decline in the number of serious crimes in the ancient county. “Although we were having double digit figures last week it was just four this week and what is important is that we are catching the criminals,” he said.

The Public Security Minister expressed confidence that the law enforcement agencies were now free to carry out their duties without political interference or pressure even if it means going after sitting government ministers. “We are giving the police a brand new comfort level to do their jobs. If you are a minister today and you do wrong arrest thatt minister and jail him,” he said.

Ramjattan admitted that crime levels were uncomfortably high but hoped that the GUY$350 million set aside in the National Budget to buy weapons, land and marine means of transportation, body armour and other supplies would go a long way to crack down on criminals.

He appealed to Berbicians to stop complaining about the slow response time by police to emergency calls and instead join the Guyana Police Force or share vital information with crime sleuths. He urged the gathering to report the names of rogue cops to the Ministry of Public Infrastrycture so that they could be weeded out. He restated that police would soon have to wear body cameras as part of efforts to gather evidence about corrupt cops.