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Man detained in connection with death of vendor’s killer

Last Updated on Saturday, 18 July 2015, 15:58 by GxMedia

A man has been arrested by police in connection with the beating and stabbing to death of another man who allegedly hacked a woman to death and chopped her husband, Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud said Saturday.

He said the detainee allegedly identified the suspected killer at the Stabroek Market area Friday night, placed him in a car under the pretext of taking him to the Turkeyen Police Station and later exited the car with him at the scene where the woman was chopped and killed.

“Villagers came out. By the time police got information and got there, he was found with two stab wounds, took him to the hospital and he was pronounced dead on arrival,” he said.

The man, who was fatally beaten and stabbed, had allegedly chopped vendor Janice Paul, 40 years, and her husband Eusi Paul, 41 years at about 8:15 PM Wednesday July 15, 2015. They had just arrived at their residence at ‘D’ Field, Sophia, when they were attacked by the man armed with a dagger.  Her husband, who sustained injuries to his face and right hand, was treated and sent away.

The Police Commissioner bemoaned the resort to street justice. “We have seen this is the second instance in Sophia and we are moving very aggressively to get the persons who are involved and if we can prosecute them that will be very good for us and people need to know that they can’t take the law in their own hands,” he said.