Grassroots women to discuss domestic violence today

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 September 2014, 17:48 by GxMedia

Founder of VDay and One Billion Rising, Eve Enster with CADVA’s Founder Diane Madray

A global activist against violence against women and the Caribbean Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA) organization are hoping to help Guyanese grassroots women diagnose and find lasting solutions to the scourge.

Founder of One Billion Rising, Eve Enster, and CADVA representatives are Sunday night at 7 O’clock due to participate in a panel discussion titled: “State of Female Justice in Guyana: Social Justice With Love” at the Pegasus Hotel.

She emphasized the importance of engaging and involving ordinary women in the process.

“The grassroots people need to determine what they want to happen. I think it’s really in the hands of the women who are being most impacted by violence  about what are the next steps,” said Enster, an award-winning playwright well-known for “Vagina Monologues”, 

Regional Coordinator of the One Billion Rising Movement and CADVA’s Programme Director, Diane Madray said Guyanese from all walks of life are invited to attend the event. “We need to have our women to collectively come together to understand what justice means to them,” she said.

She stressed the importance of follow-up activity and assured that the panel discussion would be not be a talk-shop because the outcomes would be addressed meaningfully. “The talk- we have to find a way to stop this. We have to find a way to implement some proper changes and follow-up.  I think that’s the thing that’s missing,” she said.

Madray reiterated the need for a Missing Persons Act. She announced that CADVA as struck a deal with and Eureka Labs were exploring ways of providing fast and reliable DNA testing to assist in identifying the bodies of missing persons.

The CADVA Founder noted that the domestic violence experiences of Guyanese women were no different from those in other parts of the world and so she hoped that the One Billion Rising movement would share common interests with women in the Caribbean and other parts of the world.