TravelSpan scraps deal with Vision Airlines; offers refunds to passengers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 September 2014, 22:59 by GxMedia

Flash back: TravelSpan’s flight arriving at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport

TravelSpan, a travel agency, on Wednesday announced that it was preparing to refund passengers or place them on another carrier, after an arrangement with the airline that provided the planes collapsed.

The travel agency said it was no longer a General Sales Agent for Vision Airlines that saw that carrier providing scheduled charter services on the Guyana-New York route.

TravelSpan said passengers booked to travel after September 27 could also await that agency’s new arrangement with another airline “in the coming days.” No date has been set.

The travel agency said it was forced to scrap its agreement with Vision Airlines because of repeated cancellations and delays due to technical problems that caused “major inconveniences to our clients and the continued losses to TravelSpan and to Vision Airlines.”

“In the recent months our customers have been plagued with mechanical issues with Vision Airlines which resulted with un-satisfactory service on the flights,” said TravelSpan in a statement.

No mention was made of how much money each entity has owed each other, if any.

TravelSpan explained that all passengers booked to travel after Sept 27 would be protected with full refunds and offered the service of an alternate carrier while the agency finalizes arrangements with the new carrier.  

For tickets paid in the United States, Travelspan has been protecting passenger’s monies in escrow.  This precaution was taken so our customers would not be left stranded as with the case of previous carriers after they discontinued operations.  

For tickets paid in Guyana, Travelspan office will rebook passengers or offer a full refund.  

The Escrow Bank will take approximately 14 days for the refund to be processed and the cheques to be prepared for customers. 

“While on one hand the monies are protected, we do understand the inconvenience for the customers to wait for their refund to be process,” said TravelSpan.

The agency assured that it would be collaborating with a carrier that would keep the standard of excellence that we demand for our customers. 

“Travelspan will announce details of the arrangement with the new carrier in the coming days.  Look out for more information on our website, FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn,” it added.