Skeldon Sugar estate worsens electricity supply, forces widespread blackout

Last Updated on Monday, 22 September 2014, 23:18 by GxMedia

The Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) on Monday said strike action by workers at Skeldon Sugar Estate, which supplies bagasse-produced electricity to the national grid, coupled with a number of other technical problems has forced the power company to schedule blackout to a number of areas.

“GuySuCo is unable to supply energy to the grid because of industrial action at its Skeldon factory. It is uncertain when GuySuCo Skeldon operations will return to normalcy,” said the power company in a statement. “The scheduled outages may be significantly reduced if GuySuCo’s industrial action is resolved.”

GPL explained that generation capacity in the Demerara/Berbice Integrated System (DBIS) has been significantly reduced since Sunday due to shortfall in expected imported energy from GuySuCo, Skeldon, and the failure of the turbo charger on GPL’s No.3 Wartsila set located at Kingston, Georgetown. Unfortunately, these two incidents arose at a time when the No.1 Wartsila generator at the Kingston 1 plant is undergoing a major overhaul.

In the interim, the replacement component for the turbo charger is expected to arrive on Thursday night, and the machine will return to operation on Friday.

The No. 1 Diesel Generator at the Kingston 1 Plant is on schedule to return to service on Sunday, September 28.

Consequently, GPL has been forced to load shed in Demerara and Berbice since last evening. The company is trying its utmost to limit the duration of the outages, rotating between different areas. The detailed load shedding guide is attached. Customers are advised to visit our website at or visit GPL’s Facebook page at “GPL Inc” for the comprehensive load shedding guide and latest updates.

GPL regrets any inconvenience this may cause our customers in Demerara and Berbice and seeks your patience while we work to restore power to normalcy.

Load Shedding Guide for the period September 22 to 24, 2014

NB: In the first table; customers should locate their area along with the area code provided and in the second table, identify the time/date the area is scheduled for an outage.








Sophia to Liliendaal

Liliendaal to Industry

Industry to Better Hope

Better Hope  To Success

North Ruimveldt to Houston

Industrial Site Ruimveldt, Alexander Village, Riverview Ruimveldt, National Paint Company & Mirror News Paper at Industrial Site R/Veldt, NAMILCO, Gafoors ,Ricks & Sari, Banks Scheme

Houston to  Agricola

Agricola to Nandy Park GAB

Good Hope to Lusignan to Mon Repos Public Rd

Mon Repos to Success


# 53 to Moleson Creek



South R/Veldt Park- East of Green Heart St

Festival City

North R/Veldt

 South R/Veldt Gardens- East of Green Heart St

 Lamaha Springs

South R/Veldt Gardens-West of Green Heart St

South R/Veldt Park-West of Green Heart St

Roxanne Burnham Gardens

Guyhoc Gardens

Stevedore, Tucville, Guyhoc Park, Lamaha  Park, PP QQ Scheme

Francois and Stone Ave to Hadfield St Lodge, Chinese Embassy

Durban St, Norton St, Princess St- Lodge & Worthmanville, Meadow Brook, Werk en Rust- West of John St. Lodge Housing Scheme, Century Palm Gardens & Durban Backlands

Prashad Nagar, Sections of Kitty Campbelville, Subryanville &  Bel Air Park

Queenstown & Albertown

Good Hope to Victoria



Good Hope to Enmore Factory Rd

Edinberg  to Zeelugt

Zeelugt to Philadelphia

Philadelphia to Le Destin

Le Destin to Lookout

Versailles to La Retraite

Sophia to Garnett St & Middle Walk Dam, Lamaha Gardens, Parts of Prashad Nagar


Auchlyne to # 53

Republic Road & Strand New Amsterdam



Victoria to Unity

Unity Village to Bygeval

Garden of Eden to Sarah Johanna

Sarah Johanna to Soesdyke Junction

Soesdyke Junction to Timehri

Camp & Lamaha to Princes & Louisa Row

Light St  to Croal East of Camp St

Barrack St and consumers on Fort St High

Carmichael to Urquhart St

Main St South of New Market St

Holmes St to Lamaha St

Lamaha St between Charmicheal & Light Sts

Hope to Mocha

Buss – Bee Dam to Diamond

Diamond to Providence

Mocha to Nandy Park

Sussex St to Rahaman’s Turn:

Public Rd La Penitence; G.P.C, National Printers, G.S.T. Banks DIH; Brewery & Biscuit Factory

Environs of North East , East La Penitence & East Ruimveldt

Environs of West La Penitence

Nora St to Public Rd La Penitence


Onverwagt to Bygeval


Vreed En Hoop Sub Station to Best

Best Village to Windsor Forest

Edinburgh To Windsor Forest

Garden of Eden to Craig Cable Crossing

La Retraite to Vriesland

Buss – Bee Dam to Diamond: Consumers between Craig and Diamond

Diamond to Providence

Sophia-  ‘A’ to ‘E’ Fields

Water St Kingston to Water & North Rd

Water & Church Sts to Access Road

Access Rd to Cornhill St

Cornhill St to Sussex St

Sussex St to Rahaman’s Turn



Canefield to Auchlyne

Load Shedding Time Period and Dates


Mon 22nd

Tue 23rd

Wed 24th

08:00 – 12:00 hrs

Area B

Area E

Area D

12:00 – 16:00 hrs

Area C

Area A

Area B

16:00 – 20:00 hrs

Area D

Area B

Area C

20:00 – 00:00 hrs

Area A

Area C

Area E