Popeyes robbed second time this month

Last Updated on Monday, 22 September 2014, 3:05 by GxMedia

Popeyes branch on Vlissengen Road was Sunday night robbed for the second time in one  month.

The staff members were ordered to lie on the ground. At least one bullet was fired and narrowly missed one of the customer service attendants.

“No one was injured but the staff was shaken,” said a source.

A staff-member said the bandits barged through the unlocked door and pulled kerchiefs over parts of their faces before telling the workers that they should not move. The ordeal lasted 10 minutes.

Staff members complained bitterly that there is no armed guard and the surveillance cameras only focus on the cashier and the chicken, but none on the door.  The workers said all they are told after each robbery is that they should continue performing their duties.

Police earlier this month said the same branch was robbed of GUY$1.1 million by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.