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Truck damage bridge on Linden- Lethem Road, despite weight restriction

Last Updated on Monday, 1 September 2014, 0:52 by GxMedia

The Annai Bridge that collapsed under the weight of a truck that was taking cargo to Lethem

Despite the introduction of an indefinite weight restriction on trucks plying the Linden-Lethem Road, a  heavily laden cargo truck broke the Annai bridge that has been so far only partly repaired, according to sources.

The sources said that only light vehicles such as minibuses were up to late Sunday being allowed to pass the area until repairs are completed.

The incident occurred Saturday night about 8 O’clock. At that time, the truck had blocked all vehicular traffic until late Sunday evening when it became passable due to ongoing repairs.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that the Linden-Lethem Road is in a deplorable state and the bridges are in dire need of repairs.

Asked whether the 15-tonne weight restriction with effect August 26, 2014 on single, double and triple axle trucks was still in place, the source  said that “it just seems that the business persons are ignoring the weight limit,” said a source.

The Public Works Ministry has said that currently, critical areas along the access road are being fixed.