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Finance Minister left accident scene to seek treatment

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Attorney General Anil Nandlall has defended Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh’s decision to leave the scene of a recent road accident , saying the country’s financial czar was injured and rushed to seek medical attention.

Nandlall said the minister was struck at the back of his head on impact with the car and he sought treatment at a city hospital.

Nandlall, who is representing Singh, debunked suggestions in sections of the media that the Finance Minister was intoxicated Sunday night when he collided with a taxi on Garnett Street and Delph Avenue. “Allegations that the Minister of Finance was intoxicated and failed to submit himself to a breathalyser test are rejected. Indeed, the Minister was not invited to take a breathalyser test by anyone and in fact, the occasion to do so did not present itself,” said Nandlall.

The taxi driver, Jaggernauth Hira, and his lone passenger waited for almost an hour before Brian Young, one of the Finance Minister’s close associates, arrived on the scene and offered to take care of all medical and vehicular expenses.

The Attorney General said the accident was reported to the police and investigations were underway. Nandlall said that without prejudice to legal recourse, he met with Hira and the female passenger in the hope of settling the matter out of court. “Without prejudice to the rights of all the parties to seek legal recourse, the AttorneyGeneral met with the driver, the owner of the vehicle and the passenger with a view of exploring the possibility of bringing the matter to an amicable end,” said the Attorney General.

Demerara Waves was told that the Finance Minister was not present at meetings with Hira but Singh’s representatives have offered to buy a car to the equivalent of the one that was damaged. Hira was also expected to receive more than GUY$1 million in compensation for injuries and inconvenience caused, Demerara Waves was told.

A Partnership for National Unity’s Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix attempted to ask a question about the accident at Thursday’s sitting of the National Assembly but it was disallowed because it violated the rules (Standing Orders) governing the House.