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Toddler believed abducted from day care

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

Miracle Price

The search is on for a missing four month old baby after she was reportedly abducted by a nineteen year old female, said to be a teacher.

Miracle Angel Price went missing around 3:30 Monday afternoon after she was picked up by a teen, Candace Adonis of Vigilance Play Field, East Coast Demerara. candace adonis
Demerara Waves understands that Adonis went to the Care Heart Day Care at Middle Street Buxton and told the head mistress that she was the child’s aunt.

Shortly after the child’s mother Samantha Price went to collect her child and was told that the child’s aunt had picked her up.

Inquires were made about the child’s whereabouts and no family member had picked her up or knew where she was. Up to 1:30 Tuesday afternoon neither the baby nor the woman was located.

The owner of the day care, Seatta Reid told Demerara Waves Online News recalled that Price did not have time to complete a form that included the names of all the persons who were authorised to collect the child.

Reid said she was advised that others who could have collected the child included her grandmother, daughter, daughter’s boyfriend and her sister.  A woman, who claimed she was Miracle’s aunt, collected the child. “I asked her who sent her and she said the sister who is pregnant cannot make it because she has to go out,” said Reid who recalled that the woman convinced her that Miracle’s mother knew and she was informed.

When the child’s mother returned about 5 O’clock Monday afternoon she returned the completed form, only to be told that the child’s ‘aunt’ collected her. At that time, Reid said the woman called her sister who said she did not collect the child.

“It was the first day for the child at the day care and I have never seen the girl before who came to collect her,” said Reid. The Head of the Day Care Centre said calls made to Adonis’ phone were going to voicemail.

The child was last seen on the Buxton Public Road and in a bus with then child going to Georgetown.