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Lethem-born is Miss North Georgetown Secondary

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Miss North Georgetown Secondary School, Jahdiel Harry.

15-year-old Jahdiel Harry was Saturday night crowned this year’s Miss North Georgetown Secondary School Queen.

From the beginning of the pageant, the Lethem born beauty had the judges’ favour and the crowd’s attention as she strutted her stuff on stage with the other eight delegates. Jahdiel, in her introduction, exuded confidence and eloquence as she gave the audience insight about herself. As a result, she was later awarded the prize for the Best Introduction and stage appearance.

For her talent piece, Jahdiel outdid her competitors as she performed a dramatic dance piece to support her platform: The Eradication of Sexual Abuse Among Children. Dressed in a dazzling gold and white ensemble, the North Georgetown Secondary School student moved effortlessly and skillfully across the stage as she danced.

Then came the highly anticipated intelligence segment. Each delegate was questioned according to their platform. While some of the girls fumbled with their question and others veered far from the topic at hand, Miss Harry seemed ready for the question directed by the Principal of the school. She was asked: “If crowned Miss NGSS, how would you use your influence to help eradicate sexual abuse among children?” In her response Jhadiel confidently stated that she would educate, “since education is the best preventative tool against sexual abuse,education for the general public about their children’s ownership of their body,how to be bold and say no if felt violated…..also lobbying for stricter penalties against sexual predators”.

The simple yet outstanding young dancer of the National Dance School, having a love for and great taste of fashion, again outshone the other delegates as she dazzled the judges and audience in her stunning evening gown. This earned her the price for Best Evening Gown.

As was expected, Jahdiel was the first to be chosen for the top five, along with vivacious Best Smile winner Cindy Khan, Miss Congeniality winner Zhoria Wilburg, Johnali Stewart, and Yonella Burkett. These five delegates were each asked a final question by selected judges (who included Miss Jamzone 2013 Alicia Best, Pamela Arthur and Clive Prowell).

The questions were as follows:

Jahdiel – Q: If you were to be crowned Miss NGSS, name one thing that you would do to improve your school.

Cindy – Q: Who is your role model and why?

Zhoria – Q: If you’re to choose between beauty and intelligence which would you choose?

Yonella – Q: As a teenager what do u think are some of the major challenges fellow teenagers face in society today?

Johnali – Q: If you’re selected to be Principal of your school for one day what would you change?

This time around, the other delegates were up to standards with their ready responses and smart answers, all excepting Miss Burkett, who again strayed away from the topic. However, based on the tallying of the overall performances throughout the pageant, the Judges againchose Burkett as the Second Runner-up.

The other places were given to; Zhoria Wilburg (4th Runner-up), Johnali Stewart (3rd Runner-up), and first place was given to Cindy Khan.

Jahdiel again won the appeal of the crowd and the Judges approval, when she promptly responded (to her final question); stating that she would raise funds to acquire better infrastructure,equipment and materials to help improve learning.

From beginning to end, the member of the Destiny Empowerment Worship Centre portrayed excellence, and this earned her the well deserved crown. When asked by how she felt about winning, the aspiring Lawyer said that she felt excited and proud of herself. Jahdiel also said that she knew she would win because “I am confident, intelligent and beautiful”.

The other participants in the pageant were Jehosabeth Ferdinand (who was awarded for being the Most Disciplined Delegate), Shania Olton, Niketta Bhoopa, and Regina Lall.

The prizes for the delegates and winners included trophies, flowers, $5000 for each participant not in the Top Five, a day trip for two to Splashmins (for the First Runner-up), one month free makeup and hair styling, along with a cake from Jus’ Cakes, and hampers for all participants.

The pageant, which was resurrected after some 15 years by the school’s Alumni Association, saw a huge turnout of students and teachers of NGSS, parents of the delegates and other supporters. It commenced at 7:00pm and the Queen was crowned at some minutes after midnight.

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