Body of man found outside GPHC

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

The bloodied body of a man has been found outside the National Public Health Institute.

The unidentified male was of Indian descent and appeared to have been middle-aged. 

He was discovered early Tuesday morning in a sitting position against the Thomas Street fence of the building housed in the GPHC compound at Thomas and New Market Streets. A trail of blood led from the road to where he was sitting in a pool of it.

Wounds were not readily visible on the body but it was observed that blood may have been coming from his back or lower extremities.

The body, which appeared unkempt, was barefoot and clad in a black short pants and a black jersey. One passerby remarked that he used to be by Bourda Market suggesting that he may have been homeless.

Security guards and night workers in the vicinity reported that they had seen the person slumped against the fence in the usually dark area but thought nothing of it given the number of vagrants near the public hospital.

One individual who chose to remain unnamed said he passed in the nearby avenue around 10PM Monday and saw the person against the wall and also give it little thought.

Crime scene detectives arrived around 6.30AM to commence their investigations.