GDF gets new batch of sergeants

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Guyana Defence Force Chief- of- Staff, Commodore Gary Best, affixes a badge of rank on one of the sergeants at the graduation ceremony which was held at Drill Square, Camp Ayanganna, Thomas Lands (GINA photo)

A batch of sergeants’ of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) who graduated this afternoon, was charged by the Chief-of-Staff Commodore Gary Best  to uphold the principles of the Force, and to let their values be their guide.

The Chief-of-Staff urged them to maintain a high standard of integrity, professionalism and good conduct in their professional lives

It was a historic day today for the army as the 13 sergeants trained under the  Leader Sergeant Course #1 at the Sergeant’s Academy graduated at a ceremony held at Drill square, Camp Ayanganna The sergeants are: Jamaine Fraser, Adesini Benjamin, Herschel Gilead, Mark Cyrus, Ralph Osborne, Robert Adams, Esther Charles, Robert Chisholm, Mark Critchlow, Shibekie Benjamin, Dornford Wray, Elvis Haynes and  Paul David received their badge of rank after having successfully completed the six- month Leader Sergeants Course.  Jamaine Fraser was adjudged the Best Graduating student while Mark Cyrus received the Chief of Staff’s Leadership Star.

The sergeant is considered the backbone of the military, and this course has been designed to develop leaders at the middle management, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitude to serve in the GDF.

Commodore Best, during a charge to the sergeants, stated said that even as another chapter of history in the force is recorded, they must serve with the qualities of being loyal to the country, its constitution, laws, their seniors and fellow soldiers.

He said that it is important for them therefore to know what the force expects of them as a leader, and what is required of them, the complex maze of military standards, leaders, procedures, customs, rules and culture.

“Your new badges of rank are testament that you have demonstrated to training staff, that you possess qualities of being honest in your personal and professional lives, and therefore, the force only expects the best from you,” he said. He urged them not become involved in activities that will discredit them, their family, the army or the country.

The leadership of the force has high expectations of the ranks, as a leader sergeant is always expected to do the right thing when unsupervised and is expected to supervise when unsupervised.

He charged them to be truthful and honest throughout their career which will contribute to the strength of command in the senior Non Commissioned Officers’ corps and the force as a whole.

“Be effective leader sergeants, place the good of the organisation above personal agendas, and be accountable for your actions, under the scope of your delegated authority and function accordingly,” he urged.