Sisters bite policeman at noise nuisance scene

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

A policeman, responding to a report of noise nuisance, was late Thursday night locked inside a yard and bitten by two sisters, according to police sources.

The incident occurred at Kersaint Park, East Coast Demerara.

The policeman was rescued by his colleagues who were summoned by a pastor living in the area.

The sisters were arrested and locked up overnight pending a court appearance likely on Friday.

Investigators said police, dressed in civilian clothing, had on the first occasion gone to the yard to request that the volume of the music be turned down. The music was being played from a car.

However, those present at first refused to comply unless the police were dressed in uniform. Eventually, they reduced the volume but when the police departed they increased the volume again much to the displeasure of neighbours.

When a uniformed policeman returned, according to the source, and attempted to seize the car keys and documents, the sisters assaulted the policeman. He was bitten on his back, his shirt torn and badge misplaced, according to the sources.

They are to be charged with noise nuisance, assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest and damaging property.

The Guyana Police Force and the Ministry of Home Affairs have repeatedly urged persons to desist from playing loud music at their homes, businesses and in vehicles in a manner that will be a nuisance to others.