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Schoolgirl beaten unconscious by brother

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 19:44 by Denis Chabrol A 13-year old girl was attacked and beaten by her brother at Arau Village, Wenamu River, police said. The assailants age has been given as 25 years old. Commander for Regional Police Division #7, Senior Superintendent Dion Moore said the incident occurred at about 6.30 Wednesday morning. Investigators were ...

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Electrician shot 12 times- police

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 19:34 by Denis Chabrol Police say they are investigating the shooting incident of an electrician at Tucville, Georgetown. The victim has been identified as committed 36-year old Winston Hazel, an electrician from Tucville. The incident occurred at 7:07 Tuesday night. Investigators were informed that he sustained 12 gunshot wounds: three to his left ...

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OPINION: The authoritarians in Guyana never get it right

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 18:45 by Denis Chabrol By Dr. Randy Persaud, Professor Emeritus Let me begin by defining authoritarianism in general, and then its form in Guyana. Authoritarianism normally refers to those social forces and political forces that have a history of anti-democratic conduct, and who practice their politics by cultivating divisiveness. More often than not, ...

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GTU asks High Court to block cut in salaries of striking teachers; continue union dues deduction

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 18:38 by Denis Chabrol The Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) has asked the High Court to prohibit government from slashing the salaries of striking teachers and to continue the deduction of membership dues and remittance to their bargaining agent. “Conservatory order that the status quo will remain the same, that is the Government of ...

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Georgetown Chamber confident gas-to-shore project is feasible

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 16:46 by Denis Chabrol The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) on Wednesday said it relied on “publicly available” information about the gas-to-shore project to assess its feasibility and was confident that government would not have to subsidise its operations to keep its promise to cut electricity rates by 50 percent. “We ...

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Teachers’ strike continues indefinitely; other unions likely to join in solidarity

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 8:45 by Denis Chabrol President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), Dr Mark Lyte on Wednesday announced that the now eight-day old strike by educators would continue indefinitely, even as Attorney General Anil Nandlall did not rule out the police being called in on the union for failing to submit its annual financial ...

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