GTT passes 150,000 homes and businesses having access to Fibre

Last Updated on Monday, 19 June 2023, 15:23 by Denis Chabrol

GTT, Guyana’s First in Fibre and Largest Fibre Network in Guyana, announces 150,000 homes and businesses having access to its high-speed fibre service, after recently making the service available to more than 1,100 homes and 170 businesses in Tuschen on the West Coast of Demerara, Region Three.

Technicians have worked assiduously to roll-out more than 3000 miles (about 4828.03 km) of fibre thus far, delivering transformative internet connectivity to more than 75 communities and thousands of households and businesses across the country, the company said in a statement.

Through this fibre expansion, 2 in every 3 homes and businesses have access to GTT’s fast speed fibre service and further commits to ensuring over 75% of homes will have fibre connectivity by the end of 2024.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GTT Damian Blackburn, noted that GTT recognizes the vital role connectivity plays in empowering individuals, facilitating business growth, and enhancing overall quality of life for all.

“This achievement reflects our commitment to transforming lives through advanced telecommunications services, and we are excited to continue driving positive change in Guyana. By rolling out fibre to 2 in every 3 homes, we are unlocking endless possibilities for education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and socio-economic development,” he was quoted as saying.

Blackburn added that GTT’s dedication to delivering reliable connectivity ensures that customers can fully embrace the digital world and enjoy uninterrupted access to information, entertainment, and online services. GTT’s fibre service has significantly strengthened communities across Guyana, by enabling students to participate in remote learning, empowering entrepreneurs to leverage e-commerce opportunities, and supporting healthcare providers in delivering telemedicine services.

By embracing innovation, GTT is ensuring that Guyana remains at the forefront of digital transformation and can readily adapt to emerging technologies.

The company said it remains committed to advancing connectivity and creating a digital future that benefits all Guyanese.