High Court throws out Mikhail “Critics” case to stop GPA Elections

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 May 2023, 15:27 by Denis Chabrol

Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire on Saturday afternoon dismissed an application by Mikhail ” Guyanese Critics” Rodrigues in an effort to block the Guyana Press Association’s Elections.

The election is  scheduled for 12 PM  Sunday at the Theatre Guild.

The judge described the application as “wholly misconceived.” She said the press body is not subject to judicial review.

Brought on behalf of Rodrigues by Attorney-at-Law Samuel Glasgow, the court was asked to consider that the applicant is a journalist and that he had sought membership of the Association.

The Chief Justice said “this application is not urgent” and that having read the constitution of the Guyana Press Association, that entity is “not a corporate or any kind of registered entity that has personality that can sue or be sued.”

Ms flayed the Attorneyfor not saying anything about GPA President Nazima Raghubir, Vice President Rawle Toney, and Executive members Denis Chabrol and Svetlana Marshall. “In fact, you have not said anything much about them, when you read the affidavit. There is nothing mention about them,” she said.

The Chief Justice cautioned Mr Glasgow against being selectivein his interpretation of the Business Names Registration Act. “Don’t cherry pick, don’t cherry pick. Read the legislation properly, treat it as a whole. Read it properly,” the Chief Justice said.

The Chief Justice stressed that “the respondents are not amenable to judicial review. They are private persons, who happen to be the executive of a private body. None of them is carrying out any administrative function or duty that allows for Judicial Review. None of them.”