New privately-owned, approved healthcare training institution opens doors

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 November 2022, 9:38 by Denis Chabrol

Head of Head of Royalty Home-Care and Private Nurse Services, Nurse Alicia Solomon (blue dress) and staff, students and invitees at the launch of her training institution.

A privately-owned healthcare institution, Royalty Home-Care and Private Nurse Services, has expanded its operations and is now training patient care assistants at its Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo  headquarters.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Royalty Home-Care and Private Nurse Services, Nurse Alicia Solomon, who is also studying to become a medical doctor, said the institution has been properly registered. She said the school would be training Patient Care Assistants to work with her organisation and elsewhere. “The school is here to create high standard patient care assistants to not just work with Royalty Home Care and Private Nurse Services but with other healthcare institutions,” she said.

Already, 16 students have been enrolled in the first batch and would be awarded a Diploma in Patient Care Assistance. Nurse Solomon said graduates would be equipped to work in the home-care and hospital environments. The curriculum, she said, aims to equip Patient Care Assistants to  function in both home “entirely in emergency scenarios.” Training will also be provided in Fundamentals of Nursing.

Nurse Solomon said experienced and dedicated lecturers are prepared to work with each student to bring them to their full potential. “Our hope is to prepare highly educated and competent Patient Care Assistants for entry into the workforce,” she said.

The Head of Royalty Home-Care and Private Nurse Services said teaching has always been her first love dating back to her childhood until she branched off into nursing and has now returned with both skillsets in the classrooms of her institution that she has established.

“Teaching was my only focus throughout my childhood but when I became an adult and joined the teaching profession, I felt like I wanted to do more. I wasn’t doing enough. I wanted something more than just teaching, something where I can go over and beyond to help persons and that is when I started to join the nursing profession and it became a decision that I will never ever regret,” she said.

“Nursing gave me the opportunity to do both of things that I love most – teaching, helping persons- and creating employment for others,” she said. Nurse Solomon said nursing has taught her how to be kind, humble, respectful, responsible, disciplined and appreciative of simple things in life.

Royalty Home-Care and Private Nurse Services was established in August, 2021 after Nurse Solomon saw the need to care for patients at their homes after they were discharged. She recalled family members and relatives of sick and injured persons asking her if there was a home that could provide ongoing care. “So why not create and provide service at their homes,  not away from family and still have authority and comfort of their own home and independent,” she said.

Staff Nurse Shenella Grandison

Staff Nurse Midwife at the Leonora Cottage Hospital, Sister Shenella Grandison endorsed the new healthcare provider and training institution, saying that Nurse Solomon, whom she supervised fresh from Nursing School, has always been ambitious and “so this step is not anything strange for me to expect.” She praised Nurse Solomon for always enquiring what she needs to do to improve and accepts constructive criticism. “I’m proud of your achievement. You have indeed grown,” she said. Nurse Grandison encouraged students to be empathetic, kind, patient and courteous.

Royalty Home-Care and Private Nurse Services can be reached by Phone/WhatsApp: +592 666 3598 or email or on Facebook at