Golden Grove residents block East Coast public road, chase police to protest killing of Quindon Bacchus

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 June 2022, 8:59 by Denis Chabrol

Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara residents on Tuesday morning blocked the public road and chased police who went to enquire the reason for the protest, apparently sparked off by reports of the release of a policeman who allegedly shot and killed a resident days ago.

Despite assurances by the Guyana Police Force that the Special Branch (Secret Police) agent, Kristoff De Nobrega, who is accused of the shooting death of Quindon Bacchus, remained “under arrest and confined to police headquarters.”

After a senior police officer and a traffic policeman were forced to beat a hasty retreat by angry residents, they blocked the road at several other points with old wooden stalls, wooden planks, posts, derelict vehicles, old household appliances, and concrete objects.

There are now five blockages stretching from Golden Grove to near Enmore.

Bacchus was shot several times and killed on June 10, 2022. There are two accounts- one that Bacchus attempted to sell the undercover policeman a handgun and the other that the two had had a previous misunderstanding.

The Police Force has said that the matter has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Police Complaints Authority for advice.

Bacchus was buried last Sunday.