Norton takes time on eventual entry to parliament

Last Updated on Tuesday, 1 March 2022, 15:14 by Denis Chabrol

Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Aubrey Norton on Tuesday indicated that he was allowing the process for his return to the National Assembly possibly in April to take its course, even as he stayed clear of saying whether he believed that everything will go smoothly.

He said he was aware that Representative of A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change’s (APNU+AFC) list of candidates, David Granger has been asked to select him (Aubrey Norton) to become a parliamentarian but he declined to say whether he would eventually become Opposition Leader. “I wouldn’t want to go past that. When that time comes we will deal with the second phase,” he said.

Pressed on whether he believed that the process would run smoothly for him to eventually become Opposition Leader, he said, “I think the party, the people of Guyana desire that and we’ll see how it goes”. He later added that the PNCR wants him to be a parliamentarian and “it will be achieved.”

Mr. Joseph Harmon’s resignation as Opposition Leader and the subsequent stepping down of Dr Nicolette Henry with effected March 31 as an  APNU+AFC parliamentarian are expected to pave the way for Mr. Norton to become Guyana’s next Opposition Leader. Mr. Harmon remains an opposition lawmaker.

At one time Mr. Harmon had appeared reluctant to step down as Opposition Leader, saying that he had represented more than 218,00o voters in the National Assembly.