10 percent wage and salary hike for Georgetown City Council workers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 5 January 2022, 10:50 by Denis Chabrol

City Mayor Ubraj Narine

Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine on Wednesday announced a 10 percent increase in wages and salaries.

He explained that 5 percent would be retroactive to January 2021 and 5 percent would be paid from January 2022.

The Mayor said he was relying on revenues coming in from amnesty being granted for rates and taxes.  He declined to say whether rates and taxes would be increased later this year or next year to sustain the payment of those salary increases. He said any increase in rates would be decided by Council.

Mr. Narine said many businesses owe millions of dollars in property rates. “These are areas we are looking to generate this kind of revenue,” he told a news conference.

According to him, the Local Government Commission had recommended a 7 percent increase for workers but City Hall’s Finance Committee had recommended an additional 3 percent.

He said City Hall has cleared about 80 million in union dues, but there are debts owed to the Guyana Revenue Authority and the National Insurance Schene.

City Council’s more than 600 workers lat received a wage and salary increase in 2018.