Churches, bars, restaurants can open until 12:45 AM/ 00:45 hours on Jan 1- COVID Task Force

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2021, 23:45 by Denis Chabrol

The National COVID Task Force has decided to allow churches, bars and restaurants to open until 12:45 AM/ 00:45 hours New Year’s Day only.

“The National COVID-19 Task Force has noted a great demand by sections of the public to celebrate the holidays in the traditional ways during the festive season,” the Task Force said in a statement late Thursday night.

In keeping with the One Guyana mandate, the Task Force said the Emergency Measures have been relaxed for the Old Years-New Years activities.

The authority said churches are permitted to hold services until 00:45 hours (12:45 am) on Saturday 1″ January, 2022 only, and restaurants and bars are permitted to be opened until 0045 hours (12:45 am) on Saturday 1st January, 2022 only.

The Task Force said that the National Curfew will be from 00:45 hours (12:45 am) to 0400 hours (0400 am) on Saturday 1st January, 2022  only.

According to that entity, the Emergency Measures for January will take full effect thereafter. “Persons  are encouraged  to celebrate  the traditional  aspects  of Old Years- New Years activities within their households. Religious observances are covered   under  the guidelines  for Places of Worship  in the   Emergency Measures”

The National COVID-19 Task Force says it has taken serious actions against unauthorised events, unregulated bars and street parties during the Christmas period and will continue to do so during the Old Years- New Years period. “Conditional approvals may be given for specific activities on request,” the agency said.

The National COVID-19 Task Force urges all Guyanese to demonstrate responsible behaviour and extends best wishes for the   New Year to all