GECOM Chairman justifies voting for Vishnu Persaud as new Chief Election Officer

Last Updated on Friday, 10 December 2021, 14:52 by Denis Chabrol

The Chairman of the Guyana Elections  Commission, Retired  Justice Claudette Singh has sought to justify voting for Mr. Vishnu Persaud as the new Chief Election Officer.

In an official statement to announce his appointment, GECOM said in a statement that Justice Singh was also convinced by former GECOM Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally.

“Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission, Justice Claudette Singh in justifying the reasons for endorsing
the successful applicant posited that; having heard the Commissioners and having read the endorsement of the former Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally, she is of the view that Mr. Persaud has acquired institutional knowledge
having been employed with GECOM for 17 years,” GECOM said.

GECOM earlier Friday voted for Mr. Persaud rather than Jamaican Mr. Leslie Harrow. The new Chief Election Officer assumes duty next week.

According to the statement, the GECOM Chairman endorsed Mr Persaud also based on his experience.  “Justice Singh posited that Mr. Persaud is knowledgeable not only with the understanding and management of the
work of the CEO’s office and the operational functions of the Secretariat but also with the geography of Guyana’s 10 administrative Regions. Owing to the reasons highlighted, Justice Singh noted that she has no hesitation in endorsing Mr. Persaud’s appointment since he has the necessary skills, experience, and expertise that makes him eminently qualified to
handle the job.”

During his tenure at the Commission, Mr. Persaud held the post of Public Relations Officer, Deputy Chief Election Officer for three years, and acted as Chief Election Officer on several occasions.

The Commission saud it s hopeful that with his extensive experience in the agency, Mr. Persaud will execute the functions of the office of Chief Election Officer and Commissioner of Registration within the confines of the law and deliver with excellence.