Show medical proof that you cannot take COVID-19 vaccine- Chief Medical Officer

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 August 2021, 14:17 by Denis Chabrol

The Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Narine Singh said persons who cannot take the COVID-19 vaccine must show proof from a doctor that they cannot do so.

“For persons, who are exempted for reasons mentioned above, and other underlying illnesses listed herein should present a certificate of exemption from a fully registered medical practitioner,” he said in an advisory.

Dr. Narine said those who would not have to take the vaccine immediately are patients with an active infection, acute heart events and acute events concerning blood flow to the brain. He made it clear that those patients “cannot receive the vaccine until they have recovered and receive clearance from their attending physician.”

Those will also require clearance from their doctors before taking a COVID-19 vaccine are patients with any clotting disorder such as haemophilia and patients receiving chemotherapy or dialysis.

According to the Chief Medical Officer, patients with an  active infection cannot take the vaccine until they have recovered, adding that “it is important to identify if persons are on antibiotics and the duration of their treatment.”

He also says that pregnant women should first seek advice before taking a coronavirus vaccine or they have a choice whether to take it during the entire duration of their pregnancy.  While it is safe for breastfeeding mothers to take the vaccine, the Chief Medical Officer said hey can be exempted for six  months from the date of delivery.

Dr. Narine also states that persons who have been contracted COVID-19 should take their vaccine after they have recovered– 14 days after testing positive. The updated advisory also says that persons who have received blood transfusion can receive one of the jabs 14 days after, and persons can donate blood after having been inoculated.

The Health Ministry official said the age from which persons can be vaccinated with the  Sinopharm and Sinovac is 18 years to 60 years , except for the Pfizer vaccine for persons 12 years and older.