“Saw man” shot dead after robbery in Cuyuni

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 August 2021, 19:11 by Denis Chabrol

One person has been killed and two others robbed at Toroparu Backdam, Cuyuni River, police said.

The robbery and homicide occurred at about 7:45 Tuesday night.

The only name of the dead person has been identified only as “Saw-man” .

The robbery victims are a 38-year-old miner and his 36-year-old Venezuelan girlfriend.

Police said the four suspects wielded a handgun and three cutlasses  during the robbery carried out on a miner and his girlfriend.

“The 38-year-old miner/shopkeeper was at his shop when the four suspects approached him, tied him up and demanded cash and gold.

The victim told the perpetrators that his girlfriend, a 36-year-old Venezuelan National, who was at a nearby shop, had the gold.

Two of the suspects then left and returned with her. They then relieved her of valuables,” Police said

Police added that the robbers then led the Venezuelan woman away from the shop through a trail, along which they noticed someone approaching them with a light.

Investigators were told that one of the suspects allegedly discharged a round in the direction the light was coming from, and they subsequently released the Venezuelan woman before fleeing the scene.

“Loud cries for help caused several co-workers who were nearby to rush to the man’s aid, taking him back to their camp where he appeared to be shot to his inner upper-right thigh; where he succumbed shortly after,” the Guyana Police Force said.

Police said the items stolen were nine ounces of raw gold valued at $2,700,000; one gold chain valued $200,000, one Mine Lab 7000 gold metal detector valued at $250,000 and, one Mine Lab 1000 gold metal detector valued at $200,000.